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Connecting transport companies with their customers all across Europe.

What is ETFN?

EFTN is a communication platform that enables transport companies (carriers) to advertise and sell their transport services to customers all around Europe.

After sign-up, each transport company can publish on our network its transport capabilities and will receive requests for freight transport directly from potential customers.

Also, carriers can publish available space on the trucks returning home empty or partially loaded after completing their delivery (called available slots).

The customers can search for available slots that match their needs or launch a request to all carriers, specifiyng their conditions (start date, departure and destination points, weight and volume of goods). The request will be notified to the carriers the same day by email or instantly, if they have the mobile app installed.

Our platform is simple to use, offering instant communication between members and greatly reducing the time and effort spent for searching / finding the best carrier.

EFTN is open to anyone dealing in this sector: companies or private individuals.

What are slots?

When a truck has completed its delivery and returns home empty or partially loaded, we call it having a slot. Imagine it like a void that can be filled by your transportation needs.

Slots are defined by a few chracteristics: they have a geographically starting and ending points, as well as a starting date. They also have a certain load and volume that can be filled out.

The slots are a double-sided opportunity: the customer can get a discounted rate for his shipment, whereas the carrier can get an extra income on one roundtrip.

If you are a customer looking for transport:

If you are a transport company, publish your available slots:


If you are looking for a suitable carrier for your merchandise, you can launch a request for services to all the freight transport companies in our network. They will receive it the same day. Specify only the main details: starting and destination points, start date, nature of goods, their weight and volume. The rest of it will be discussed with the transporter of your choosing.


If you are a transport company and want to find out new customers, just take a look at the current requests. Analyze them and make an offer for the ones where you can meet the requirements.

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